MS. Byrd teaches 4th grade at TR Simmons Elementary and would like to pass on a BIG thank you to Capstone for the school supplies, backpacks and t-shirts.

TRS has a family that has 4 boys from K-5 to 3rd grade, and those boys each received a backpack. They were so excited to have something new of their very own and have shown off their backpacks and t-shirts to everyone.

Another little girl came to school soaking wet after waiting outside in the rain for the bus because her mother wouldn’t let her wait inside for fear she would miss the bus. The child was taken to the counselor’s office where she was able to trade her wet shirt for a dry Capstone t-shirt. When Chelsea, my sister, saw the shirt she told the little girl that her sister works for Capstone. The little girl started to tear up and said, “Miss Byrd, please tell your sister and her work thank you so much for my shirt! Mrs. Jones (the counselor) said I even get to keep it!”

Thank you all for all of your hard work and for making these kid – who have very little to smile about – smile so brightly!