Dr. Bolling, MD

Brandi J. Rudolph-Bolling, MD is a Triple Board Certified Psychiatrist, Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist, and Pediatrician.A native of Birmingham, Alabama, Dr. Rudolph-Bolling was educated in Birmingham City Schools. She obtained a Bachelor of Science in neuroscience from Vanderbilt University and her medical degree from Meharry Medical College, both in Nashville, TN.Dr. Rudolph-Bolling then completed a Triple Board residency program at Indiana University School of Medicine in Indianapolis, IN.


Dr. Rudolph- Bolling works in a variety of medical settings, and brings a myriad of experience with her.She works in both urban and rural areas in adult and child inpatient, outpatient, and telehealth settings, as well as in medical settings. Her special interests include autism spectrum disorders; childhood obesity and its relation to and effect on mood; bullying; and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). However, she is very knowledgeable, comfortable with, and experienced in treating all mental health issues in persons of all ages.She believes in the careful integration of the fields of neuroscience, psychology, psychiatry, child development, and education to develop treatments to meet biological, psychological, and social needs.


Dr. Rudolph- Bolling resides in Jefferson County, AL with her husband, Attorney/ Special Appointed Judge Frederic Bolling and their two toddler sons.She enjoys spending time with her family and working with her husband to mentor children in the area.