Lisa Raley, LCSW

Lisa Raley is a licensed independent clinical social worker who works with individuals and families in Walker/Winston to strengthen and address mental health needs .

Lisa believes that we are all made up of different areas of health; physical, social, emotional, mental, spiritual. When one of these areas is stressed, we can feel "out of balance." Lisa will help you get to where you want to go and get back "in balance."
Lisa has worked in several different mental health areas such as inpatient and outpatient facilities over the past 15 years. Lisa is a trained mental health clinician who is new to the area, but not to helping folks. Lisa most recently worked in private practice in rural Franklin county, AL for 6 years. Lisa holds a Master's in Social Work from the University of Alabama specializing in substance abuse/mental health treatment for all ages.

Lisa loves doing what she does and enjoys spending time with her husband and grandchildren. She believes in treating others with respect and dignity and that all people deserve quality providers no matter what their income or background is.

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