Sliding Fee Discount Program

As a Federally Qualified Health Center, Capstone Rural Health Center provides a Sliding Fee Discount Program for all patients that are uninsured or underinsured and whose total household gross income falls at or below 200% of the federal poverty guidelines. The sliding fee discount is used to calculate the basic discount and is updated each year using the federal poverty guidelines. The sliding fee discount applies only to services provided by Capstone providers.

Patients with third party insurances, that does not cover or only partially covers fees for certain Capstone services, may also be eligible for the sliding fee discount in accordance with laws and regulations of the third party payor contracts.

All patients must provide updated information for the Sliding Fee Discount every January.

Proof of Income

  • 3 Most Current Paystubs, Tax Return, Pension, Retirement, Social Security Income, Disability Income, Child Support, Alimony, Workers Compensation Payments, Unemployment Compensation, Supplemental Security Income, Public Assistance, Veteran’s Payments, Survivors Benefits, Dividends, Rents, Royalties, Income from Estates, Trusts, Educational Assistance, and any assistance from outside the household or other miscellaneous sources.
  • This is for all family members living in the household.
  • Family Size

  • List of all family members living in the household.
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